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Bruce Wernick, CFBS,  started his career in the media/entertainment industry. He holds a Journalism degree from University of North Texas. Ten years ago, he left a thriving career in media to pursue a career in financial services.

Earlier in his career, Bruce worked hard and his hard work enabled him to benefit financially. However, he did not have anyone to support him with his financial planning strategies to enable him to manage money effectively.

As a result, he taught himself how to effectively manage his money strategically. He loved it so much that he delved deeper into studying money management. He then noticed that if he struggled with effectively managing his money, how many others are experiencing similar struggles because they too are either busy or just not in the know.

Today, his motivation is to connect with families and business owners to help educate and partner with them to manage their money effectively. Bruce knows how busy you are and the importance of having a licensed professional by your side to help you focus on what matters most.

As a Financial Services professional, Bruce partners with families and business owners to help them create an organized plan for their future, protect what is dearest to you, and grow your assets so that your family and business can thrive.